Chris came as a recommendation from a friend

Chris came as a recommendation from a friend who moved to Cedar Hills, TX a couple years ago. I started in touch with his father and started working with Chris soon after. Since I was moving from Los Angeles to Texas, Chris kept in contact with me weekly and sent me various listing to see what I might be interested in. I have to admit, that I was a difficult client. And by that I mean, I found a house in the right area, all the right criteria, amazing price, etc. etc. and passed on it. It took some time to figure out what I wanted and realized that I had no clue what that was. Chris however, patiently guided me towards a new build at the end of the day finding compromise in all areas of what I wanted. This has been a very learning experience, and Chris has been very helpful. I am glad that he guided me towards my property today, because it’s perfect for the lifestyle and situation I am currently. I am hoping Chris will be available for my next house purchase in the near future! Thanks!

— John Heath, TX