Forever Appreciated

I had the pleasure of working with Tim and Chris Beary when shopping for my first home. My wife and I had been in the market for a while, but weren’t sure where to go. Chris and Tim had helped some family of mine find their home, so they came referred. We couldn’t be happier. You hear horror stories by newbies and veteran home buyers alike. Chris and Tim of Beary Nice Homes were the antithesis of these horror stories. Never was I poorly communicated to, misrepresented, or not followed up with. The expectations were set and, almost to the letter, were they committed to and executed on. Whenever we needed to contact one of them, they answered the phone. If they were not going to be able to answer the phone, they often gave advanced notice (meetings, etc.) or called back within the hour of us leaving a voicemail. I will definitely recommend Beary Nice Homes, Chris, and Tim, to my friends, colleagues, and family in the future when they’re looking for real estate. I felt like I was understood, listened to, and made aware of any and everything that could be coming my way. We have successfully moved into our new home because of Tim and Chris. It is forever appreciated.

— Christopher in Arlington, TX