Genuine and Friendly

Thank you is not even close to how grateful I am for your help. In any sales, most importantly a house, a buyer should feel comfortable with their rep. That means they really listen and comprehend what will best fit the customer’s expectations of a house. … When I’ve described you to others, the first two words are genuine and friendly. That’s not just it. You combine all this with your enthusiastic knowledge about the market, the surroundings, the people, things to consider, to look at that is outside our scope, etc. .. The vendors you referred to us were really great as well. As difficult we made it for you, all the more you made things smooth and comfortable for us in being happy with our house. From the very beginning, you listened and paid attention to everything we said, though many times we were all over the place. In being able to deduce from all that, you showed us wonderful houses that we never even thought to consider in our search. Thanks again. You are amazing!

— Paul & Ethel in Arlington, TX